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Stephens Insurance

Offering the latest and most reliable information about health benefit plans and products that suit your particular needs is our business. For more than 20 years we have helped hundreds of delighted customers construct affordable, sensible health plans. Quality customer service is not just a buzz word to us. Our clients know that we are not just health plan brokers or agents...we are advocates and liaisons, and we are focused on securing the best benefits solution for everyone we serve.

Stephens Insurance Services is a proven and trusted leader in West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, the South Plains, and Southern Oklahoma. Whether you are ready to start building your health or disability plan today, or you simply want to know more about the most cost-effective health insurance and benefits solutions, contact us today. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise, but more importantly, we are ready to listen to your needs.

Pyco Industries, Inc.,
Largest Cotton Seed Cooperative in the South, Pyco Industries, Inc., partners with Stephens Insurance Services.

When it comes to medical insurance and claims, there are times when things don't go well. It is during those times that I pick up the phone and call Ed Stephens. He is guy who is most knowledgeable about our issues, and when there is a question regarding our insurance carrier I call him and he handles it for me. I have worked with Stephens Insurance for over a decade. He was there to help us transition from our inefficient retiree health program - putting in place a grandfathered plan for those with the former carrier and providing a new policy for more recent employees. Ed is good at those types of ideas; he is available, and he is educated regarding trends and best practices in the market place.

-Tony Morton, CFO, Pyco Industries, Inc.